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  • Phone # valudation
  • Delay free connections
  • Call logs
  • Global dispositions
  • Advanced analytics
  • Single login to manage clients
  • Task manager
  • Campaign reviews
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Scheduler to book meetings in real-time on behalf of your clients   

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Questions you might be asking

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! And we packed the free trial with access to all our features. You can find prospects and create LinkedIn, email and phone touches. Start your free trial here.

How many emails can I send?

PipeGen.ai won’t limit the total number of emails that you can send from your accounts. However, we do limit the number of recipients for each campaign to 200. This helps avoid you getting blocked as spam and increases your success in customization. Remember to customize your messages based on role, industry, or organization.

Can I buy extra packs of Data Finder Credits?

Yes! You can get more Data Finder Credits as one-time purchases that don’t affect your recurring billing subscription. Data Finder Credits expire after 12 months.

What if I want more than 2,000 Data Finder Credits?

Sometimes you need to ramp up quickly and build out a world class prospecting list. Drop us an email at support@pipegen.ai.

Do you integrate with my CRM?

You’ll soon be able to connect PipeGen.ai to all the major CRMs using Zapier. Please contact us to evaluate a native integration with your CRM of choice.

Will you review my campaign for me?

We’ll be happy to! Our founding team is excited to take a look at your sales sequence and will personally suggest improvements based on your audience, offer and goals. We’ll only do this for our first 50 customers — get on our waitlist now.

How accurate is your data?

Unlike other tools, our database doesn’t go stale because we simply don’t use databases. Every time you search for new prospects, we query up to 7 data sources that have up to date prospect information. Combined, these data sources offer you +250 million data entries you can use to find deeply targeted info for your prospects and leverage in your sequences. We can’t guarantee 100% accurate data — no one can — but we’ll always get fresh, granular information for each lead.

What is a Data Finder Credit?

A Data Finder Credit provides you with all of the information that we have on a specific prospect. This includes work email addresses, personal email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers associated with that person. We don’t always have every element, but we are working around the clock to build the world’s largest database.

What happens if I don’t use all my Data Finder Credits?

Your subscription credits will renew every month and unused credit will expire. Any credits purchased in a package will expire 12 months after their purchase date. You can purchase additional packs of handwritten cards or Data Finder Credits as a package.

Why should I choose PipeGen.ai over other tools?

Most outbound tools only provide email or phone or LinkedIn automation. At best, they combine two channels (eg email + LinkedIn). You can do multi-touch with them but that means you’ll have to pay for multiple tools and find a way to connect them together. PipeGen.ai automates the whole process on all four channels: email, LinkedIn, phone and handwritten cards.

What is your refund policy?

PipeGen.ai will bill you after you sign up for our services. If you are on a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime, and we will stop payment for your next billing cycle.


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